Our Products

High grade Joinery, Solid Wood Custom Components, Flooring and Architectural Building Supplies.

Competitive Pricing
Low overheads and labour costs enable us to meet the price points demanded by importers to stay competitive. Contact us for distributor pricing by the container load for the best possible pricing on high quality solid wood doors, windows, flooring and joinery components.
Precision Joinery
We understand most joinery made in Asia is not made to exact sizing and is usually out of square making installation a real headache. We know because we used to import doors into Australia ourselves. The opportunity arose so we made the decision to move our Australian joinery facility to Thailand along with our expertise. If you are an importer looking for premium grade doors at Asian prices we can help you.
Worldwide Shipping
We ship anywhere in the world so feel free to contact us for a quotation to your destination anytime. Full container loads, LCLs, Air Frieght or FedEx.
High Quality Solid Woods
Plantation Mahogany [Swietenia Macrophylla] and Plantation Teak [Tectona grandis] are our specialty but we can supply in almost any quality wood or even reclaimed old hardwoods from demolition sites around Thailand. Contact us for more info.

Solid Wood Window Designs

This is a selection of some of our standard windows. Please note that we can build windows in custom sizes, materials and finishes to meet your specifications. For more information, please contact us.                  


  • Overall dimensions within 0.5mm of specification.
  • Professionally squared to exact tolerances for easy installation.
  • Mortise and tenon joints. 
  • German polyurethane glue used on all joints.

Single Light Casement. Code AESL1S

Twin Sash Casement. Code AWESL2S

Twin Swing Casement. Code AWESL2SN

1 Fixed 2 Swinging. Code AWESLF

Triple Sash Casement. Code AEWSL3

4 Sach Casement. Code AEWSL4

5 Sash Casement. Code AEWSL5